Axis X4 kayak

About the Axis X4

The A4 is the kayak version of the hybrid hull – a sea kayak with a dash of surfski-style maneuverability and wave-handling capacity. Designed for paddlers in the 65-90 kg weight range it will be a very capable touring kayak for light paddlers or a play and surf kayak for those in the upper part of the range. But since sea kayaks have a forgiving weight margin (it takes 17,6 kg to push the waterline 1 cm!), the X4 will do fine with a 40 kg paddler (though a little wind sensitive) as well as a 100 kg paddler (though a little wet at times).

The X4 is of course fitted with our signature Axis bucket seat and the nicely incorporated deck hatches.

Dimensions and data

  • LOA: 507 cm
  • LWL: 503 cm
  • BOA: 55 cm
  • BWL: 53 cm
  • Draft: 11 cm
  • Cockpit size: 80x40 cm
  • Displacement: 120 kg
  • Recommended paddler weight: 65-90 kg.
  • Sinkage 1 cm: 17,6 kg
  • Approx kayak weight: 19 kg
  • Total hull volume: 386 litres
  • Wetted surface: 2,07 m2
  • Cp: 0,54

Color options

  • Color option blue
  • Color option orange


PRO: EUR 2550
(vacuum infusion fiberglas/soric honeycomb/epoxy)

(100% carbon/honeycomb/epoxy)


Axis X4 is fitted with a SmartTrack rudder system or a KayakSport skeg to support any paddling style or technique.


Safety equipment

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